Today, my friend Meg let me do her makeup at her house. I’ve only barely started practicing on other faces, but the challenge of mastering other skin types, tones, and shapes (skin shape, is that a thing??) is a feeling I love. I also got some dreamy, film-esque photos of her after in her backyard, which I will drop below for your viewing pleasure.

Click each photo to enlarge


Next time, I’ll remember all the products I used, because it was definitely an unorganized frenzy of using mine and her products. I’m excited to, eventually, assemble a kit. That way, I can have a list of the products I use and it will be way easier to do MOTDs for those who’d like to know.

I hope this is just the first of many “makeup and photos by me” that I will be posting on here as my portfolio grows. I know most people don’t – or maybe they do, IDK – make a blog-type portfolio. However, this journey of cultivating a beauty and photography brand is important to me. I’m very much an amateur, and I think it’s somewhat unique to tell a little background about each experience I have as I grow. Once I feel as though I’ve reached a more “professional” standpoint, I’m sure I’ll have a full blown website developed.

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