Happy new year! Sorry it’s nearly 2 weeks late. As I’m beginning this year of prosperity and creativity, I figured it’d be fun to share my favorite and best looks from the last several months as part of my progression in makeup. I’ll post them in chronological order to the best of my ability.

1. Simple red smoky eye. This is when I stopped relying on winged eyeliner and started playing more with pigments.

2. I was super proud of this look; it was the first time I decided my makeup was worthy of good quality photos. I used my Canon 60D to get these glittery closeups.

3. One of my first more on the creative side looks, this is a super neon-y and sparkly creation that I had a lot of fun with.

4. Sorry for the low quality! Here’s a funky cut crease I did that took foreverrrrr. I would like to do more of these style looks, I just have been hating eyeliner recently.

5. Galactic Goth at your service. I really enjoyed this glam-with-a-twist look. I’m still trying to master the blending out, but I think I’m onto a good start.

6. This was my Balance and Composure inspired album artwork. I for sure want to do way more of these!!

7. Rudolph and Clarice inspired makeup for the holidays!! This was a difficult but rewarding look.

8. One of my favorites so far. I love doing sunsetty looks and drizzling faux frecks as a little touch. I took pictures of this on both my iPhone and my dslr. I’m pretty sure this was my Moose Blood album inspired look.

9. This was my red and green Christmas look featuring my lovely boyfriend, Richard.

10. First time really experimenting with green shadows, and I really like how this came out. I think my blending has come a long way!!

11. Finally, my most recent creation. Lisa frank-esque pastel slayage. I’ve been making words up this whole time and I don’t even care!

Thank you SO much for making it down my Year In Review makeup looks! I hope to be bringing more photo shoots and portfolio makeup looks soon.
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