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I’ve been absolutely in love with taking pictures since I was 15. It started with attending my first concert, and loving the atmosphere. I appreciate capturing special moments more than almost anything. I’ve grown my love to the extent of music and event photography, and have recently been taken with portrait photography. Hand in hand, beauty and photo are the perfect industries to suit my lifestyle.

I will be building this website with photo sets, shoots, collabs, and more.

I am available for photoshoots, always at a reasonable price. Please contact me for all booking inquiries. Thanks so much!

Creating on a canvas

Ever since I was introduced to the broad variety of makeup brands and types of looks from glam to special fx, I was hooked! Since early 2015, I’ve been expanding my interest in makeup and turning beauty into a career. I believe makeup artistry is a lifestyle in which you can learn in any way, shape, or form. Art is expressing yourself, and the human face is one of the best canvases.

There is always more to experience with makeup and develop your skills on. I am happy to share my journey on cosmetics and interact with everyone as I go along this path.

Right now, I am working on bringing you my freelance makeup portfolio and building up my brand’s name. Feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions, and comments!